KDYS Strategy Plan Meeting: Reflecting on a Productive Gathering

On the 29th of September, KDYS (Kerry Diocesan Youth Service) staff & Board of Management gathered together as a team to share expertise, connect with each other & delve into the organisation’s new strategy. The event marks a significant milestone in the journey of KDYS as it embarks on a path of growth & innovation aligned to its new strategic plan for 2023 – 2026 (https://shorturl.at/cnEJ8).

The gathering commenced with a captivating introduction by Ger Godley, a distinguished member of our Board. During his opening remarks, Ger took the opportunity to acquaint the staff with the entire board, an impressive lineup consisting of Shane O’Donoghue, Frances Day, Bernadette Costello, Luna Atkins, Aoife Dare, Bernie Lenihan, Arlene Harmann, Gavin Donaldson & John O’Regan. This introduction served as a testament to the unity and dedication of KDYS’s leadership & staff.

Dr. Sue Redmond, an esteemed figure in the field of youth engagement, took the stage to present on the topic of #YouthParticipation. She kicked off her presentation with a soothing exercise, setting the tone for an engaging & thoughtful discussion. Dr. Redmond guided the audience through an exploration of the various dimensions of youth participation, revisiting the advantages & challenges, encouraging staff to share experiences & revisit this vital aspect from the lens of a young person.

The session was not just about passive listening; it was a dynamic experience involving multiple group activities, which were designed to immerse the team into the realities faced by young individuals engaging with KDYS. Through these hands-on exercises, attendees gained valuable insights into the obstacles & benefits associated with youth participation. The goal was clear: to reconnect with youth participation, further develop a common understanding of youth participation & enhance support for the youth we serve.

Following the insightful exploration of youth participation, the workshop transitioned into a discussion of KDYS’s new strategic plan. Divided into groups, staff & board together, delved into specific goals outlined in the plan. Each group examined one of KDYS’s new objectives, analysed its implications, and brainstormed improvement ideas.

After this dynamic & productive workshop, KDYS staff & board members gathered to celebrate their accomplishments. The evening was marked by a staff party that brought laughter & camaraderie. Among the highlights of the night were the humorous awards presented to many staff members, a testament to the vibrant & spirited culture that defines KDYS.

This gathering was more than just a workshop; it was a testament to KDYS’s commitment to growth, collaboration, and the wellbeing of the youth we serve. It was a celebration of the staff team, their expertise, professionalism & commitment to the young people of Kerry.
Following this dynamic event KDYS is poised to continue making a positive impact in the lives of young people in Kerry & beyond.