Corporate support

Teenagers are often forgotten when it comes to charitable donations, Teens in trouble are often looked at as people to avoid instead of people to help.

By working with KDYS your organisation can have a massive impact on the lives of young people around Kerry.

If corporate social responsibility is top of your agenda or you are looking for a fun way for your organisation to give back to the community why not:


  • Suggest KDYS as your company’s chosen charity of the year.
  • Set up a donation or Christmas gift scheme from your business to the KDYS.
  • Promote KDYS fundraisers  in your workplace.
  • Get colleagues and employees involved in organising a fundraiser for the KDYS.
  • Volunteer for a day in a youth centre or youth club.
  • Look at organising mentor/work placement schemes in your organisation.

Your company’s contribution will make a real difference to KDYS

For more information email corporatesupport@kdys.ie

Past corporate supporters include: