Youth Mentoring

Investment from the Dormant Accounts Disbursement Scheme, through the Department of Justice supports this Project.

KDYS Youth Justice Mentoring Services supports young people and parents in communities to deliver positive outcomes for young people and their families.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is the process by which one person assists another to grow and learn in a safe and supportive relationship (Langridge 1998). A mentor is an adult who provides a young person with support, guidance, an open mind, and a positive approach. A mentor seeks to support & enable a young person to gain the necessary skills and confidence to be responsible for their development and fulfilling their potential.

Volunteer as a Mentor and support young people (12 to 21 years) on our KDYS Mentoring Programme. Our services are delivered by volunteer Mentors, aged 21 and over, who act as positive role models in the lives of the young people (Mentees). Young people are carefully matched with trained, vetted, and supervised volunteers. The aim of the match is to facilitate the young person and mentor to develop a trusting and respectful relationship, which in turn gives a space for the young person to feel understood and motivated to make positive choices for the future. A Volunteer Mentor shares valuable skills, knowledge, and insights to the mentee. They also support and encourage the mentee to identify and achieve their personal development goals.

Mentors will focus on helping the young person to:

              Ö           Develop life skills and resilience,

              Ö           Be positive and help set suitable but ambitious goals for life,

              Ö           Support the young person to make positive life choices.

What happens once my application to be a mentor is submitted?

    • Once a Volunteer has been accepted onto the Mentor Programme they will be invited to an initial induction.
    • At the induction stage, the Garda Vetting process will commence.
    • The volunteer training will cover the following topics with potential volunteers:  Listening & Communication, Attitudes & Values, Overview of Youth Diversion & Managing Challenging Behaviour, Child Protection Awareness Programme & Boundaries and Starter Pack/ Skills Summary.
    • In addition, there may be courses throughout the year relevant to the mentor programme.



The outcomes for volunteers have included:


      • Increased skills and confidence in working with young people through participation in training & development opportunities.
      • Sense of making a difference in the lives of young people in their community.
      • Volunteers hoping to make a career change into Youth Work, see the mentoring programme as a good experience, gaining new insights on how to support young people.

The outcomes for young people have included:


      • Young people are equipped with the skills and opportunities to empower them to participate in community life through the provision of one-on-one support by a supportive adult mentor.
      • Young people feel more connected to their community from their involvement in individual and group activities in their local area resulting in better opportunities and enhanced confidence.
      • Families of vulnerable young people feel supported through the provision of a mechanism to support access to other required services, internally or externally.