KDYS Killarney has become part of the Killarney Coffee Cup Project!We have joined this initiative along-side multiple other organisations in Killarney to eliminate single use cups. As of now, in our Killarney centre we will no longer provide single use paper cups, reusable options only!

The Killarney Cup Project is aimed at preserving and protecting our beloved Killarney National Park by eliminating single-use coffee cups from the town. Over 16 BILLON single use cups are used worldwide every year for tea and coffee. For these paper cups to be made 6.5 million trees are cut down and 4 billion gallons of water go to waste every year.

We at KDYS Killarney are proud to be part of this great initiative to help our environment!

What does all this mean for everyone? This means that at KDYS Killarney we will only be using and providing mugs and glasses that are reusable. These will then be cleaned thoroughly in our kitchen for the next use. If you prefer, you can just bring in your own reusable cup 😊.

If you would like to know more about the Killarney Coffee Cup Project head on over to the projects instagram https://www.instagram.com/killarneycoffeecupproject/ or get in touch with us through our own social media.