Know your Tenant’s Rights & Obligations

Deciding to move away from home to gain more independence or maybe you are going to college/ doing a PLC / apprenticeship then this might be the first time you have lived away from home.  If you encounter problems regarding your accommodation you can contact the following:

  1. The PRTB Private Residential Tenancies Board – a system to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants. Check their website for more information HERE.
  2. Threshold is a registered charity whose aim is to secure a right to housing especially those facing poverty or exclusion. They also provide information about what you should know before signing a lease.
  • Threshold recommend before you move in do an inventory in writing of all the furniture and anything else in the house and get the landlord to sign this.
  • Take photographs of any wear or tear
  • Check that all appliances are in working order.

Students/ Tenants have the right to privacy so a landlord must have your permission to enter the house unless it is an emergency. Click to view their website HERE.

Rent Arrears: Ensure you are paying your rent on time and keep a record of the payments. If you cannot pay your rent, you landlord is obliged to issue you with a 14-day notice. If you are still unable to pay, they may issue you with a 28-day notice of termination. Most landlords will allow you to use your deposit as your last month’s rent.

Lease Agreements: If you sign a fixed term lease, be aware you cannot leave at any time you must pay rent for the specific period stated.

Deposit Retention: You may not receive your deposit in full or at all if

  • There is damage to the property.
  • Unpaid rent
  • Leave before lease agreement.
  • Do not give adequate notice of leave.
  • Do not hand back the keys at the end the lease agreement.

Minimum standards for private rented accommodation:

  • A four-ring hob with oven and grill
  • Provisions for effective and safe removal of fumes to the external air by means of an extractor fan.
  • A fridge and freezer
  • A microwave oven
  • A sink with drainage
  • Storage for food
  • Access to a washing facility