KDYS Youth Information delivers a ‘KDYS Transfer Programme’ to 6th class students across Kerry.  The programme aims to support young people in their transition into secondary school.

KDYS have been delivering the KDYS Transfer Programmes to schools across the county for over 15 years and have impacted on more than 35 schools annually since 2021.  The programme was researched and produced by KDYS youth workers, utilising both internal and external resources and was reviewed and updated in 2022 by the then 6th class students from several schools across the county.  The programme is delivered in a fun, informative and interactive manner.

KDYS Transfer Programme is made up of four sessions delivered weekly using a workbook. .  This workbook  will remain with the student at the end of the programme.  Each session focuses on a different aspect of secondary school.  The programme aims to reduce anxiety associated with moving onto second level education.  Young people are encouraged to ask questions, to identify their concerns and expectations. To get to know as much as they can about their new school prior to moving in September.

In 2024 KDYS Youth Information introduced a pilot peer education programme, to enable 4th year students to deliver the programme to 6th class students.  The programme has been piloted in Castleisland and Killorglin.  The Transition Year students in Castleisland Community College and Killorglin Community College have trained to deliver the KDYS Transfer Programme to three primary schools in Castleisland and one primary school in Killorglin. 


This programme provides TY students with the opportunity to gain additional skills and to share their knowledge of life in secondary school with 6th class students.   The 6th class students in turn get to build positive relationships with the TY students, providing them with a readymade support network when they move into secondary school in September.

For more information regarding the programme, do not hesitate to contact KDYS Youth Information: Anne on 087 7801575 or Shannon on 085 8075996.

annemurphy@kdys.ie or shannonosullivan@kdys.ie