The International Protection Student Scheme (for Further and Higher Education Students) 2022-2023 provides financial grants for students who are in the protection system or at the leave to remain (but not deportation order) stage.

To apply, a student must be pursuing one of the approved course types for the 2022 to 2023 academic year:

  • a post leaving certificate (PLC) course
  • an undergraduate course
  • a postgraduate course

Your income will need to be under certain limits to receive a grant. This may or may not include your parents’ income.

The ‘Student Support Scheme for International Protection Applicants (people seeking asylum)’ has been renamed the ‘International Protection Student Scheme 2022’ and is now open for applications until 30 November.

If you are a student without a stamp 4, who receives a CAO offer, and are in the International Protection system for three years prior to the start date of your course, you are eligible to apply for this grant (identical to SUSI apart from the nationality requirement).

Besides the name change, please note these differences to last year:

  • It is now being administered by SUSI and not DFHERIS.
  • Three-year residency is no longer considered as commencing, 31 August 2019 but the day before the course starts; so if your course starts 19 Sep 2022 you need to applied for protection prior to 18 Sep 2019.
  • The application form is an editable pdf but it must be printed and posted to (no stamp required): SUSI, PO Box 12209, Freepost FDN7608, Dublin 4