Thank you Tim, Rose, and Gemma


The Board of KDYS wishes to announce that Tim O’ Donoghue (CEO), Rose O’Connor (CFO), and Gemma O’ Brien (Senior Manager) will be leaving the organisation.  The departure of three of our employees is part of a restructuring process within the organisation which was started two  years ago but was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic .

The Board of KDYS wishes to acknowledge their work and are very grateful for the guidance provided by them and for their generous contributions in helping our young people throughout the county and indeed beyond. They have contributed to the organisation expanding its services, programmes, and facilities across Kerry.

They have assisted in creating strong partnerships, locally, nationally, and in Europe and have contributed to the development of new models of service delivery which has helped the organisation to continuously find innovative ways to meet the changing needs of young people.

The Board of Directors wishes to thank them for their long years of dedicated service with KDYS and for their work on behalf of young people and we wish them well in their future pursuits.

For their part, Tim, Rose, and Gemma wish to acknowledge and to thank the Board of KDYS for its support and assistance during their time with the organisation and they acknowledge the commitment and service of the Board to KDYS. They wish both the Board and KDYS every success for the future .

September 21st, 2021

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