Killarney Youth Services

Along side its open access programmes and initiatives like youth clubs and youth cafes, the KDYS in partnership with state funders run specific programmes that work with young people dealing with issues such as poverty, social exclusion,isolation, early school leaving,youth crime and family support. These support services are staff led and focus on getting young people on a pathway towards a brighter future.

In Killarney the support services available are

KDYS Killarney Youthreach

Youthreach is a Department of Education and Skills official education, training and work experience programme for early school leavers aged 15 – 20. Youthreach has a continuous intake policy. Killarney Youth Reach is run by the KDYS in partnership with the Kerry ETB.

For more information on Youthreach click here.

Killarney Community Based Drugs Initiative

Killarney Community Based Drugs Initiative works with young people aged between 12 and 25 years old, and their families who are affected or may be at risk of substance misuse . The initiative is run by the KDYS in partnership with the Southern regional drugs task force.

For more information on addiction services click here.

KDYS Garda Youth Diversion Project

Killarney and all of Kerry is covered by the KDYS Garda Youth Diversion project (GDYP).The project aims to help young people move away from behaving in a way that might get them or their friends into trouble with the law. The project is run by the KDYS in partnership with Irish Youth Justice and local Gardai. For more information on GDYPs click here.

Throughout the year each KDYS youth centre may have ad hoc support services running depending on the need of local young people and resources available. To get more information on the KDYS run services in the Killarney area or to talk to a trained staff member on any of the above services please contact Assumpta in Killarney on (064) 6631748 or click here for directions to the centre.