KDYS with a group of teenagers from Kerry and Italy have launched a campaign to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. They have created a video with a very important message for their peers and for all people. They have pledged their commitment to this cause and they are calling on all young people and all of us to do the same. Their campaign is to observe our physical distancing and all of the measures in the Health guidelines in order to keep us safe and flatten the spread of the virus. The campaign is called:


This is their video:     https://youtu.be/mJ2tJZxKDfs


KDYS Youth Worker Michelle O’ Neill coordinated a determined group of Kerry young people who partnered with Italian young people on an international exchange through KDYS European Youth Centre ‘eurOg’ last year. They have created a powerful message for all of us to hear. 

KDYS is a community based youth work organisation working with young people and communities in Kerry since 1971. The organisation constantly evolves and adapts as the needs of young people change through the generations. 

The pandemic sweeping the world calls us to action now more than ever to connect with and support our young people. KDYS is partnering with young people to play a vital role in protecting our communities.

In recent days the world has anxiously witnessed the alarming pace at which the Covid-19 virus is spreading. The highly infectious nature of the virus makes us all a potential threat to each other if we don’t observe the critical health guidelines. The importance of physical distancing and hand hygiene is repeatedly impressed on everyone, however we continue to see people ignoring this each day. 

In the course of this a great deal of attention has fallen on young people and stories of them gathering in groups throughout our towns and villages. This has invoked a lot of frustration and anger towards young people but we should be careful not to single them out as the main culprits. Instead we need to acknowledge that people of all ages are have been slow to embrace our new ways of living and interacting and we should also remember that the majority of people – young and old – are complying  with HSE and WHO guidelines.

In KDYS a group of young people have made a video to send out an important message to their peers and to all people. Their message is about doing your part to protect yourself and others in the fight against Covid-19. They are inspirational and thoughtful. They want people of all ages, in all countries to be safe. They are thinking of others and this is their action in our call to arms in this emergency. 

Please watch and share this really important video and share with as many people as possible. Let’s make this go viral in our effort to #flattenthecurve and beat the virus. 

We are asking all young people and adults to be heroes and save lives by pledging to ‘I’m in and I’m staying in’.

Send us your pledge via our social media sites using the hashtag #ImIn&ImStayingIn & #KDYSHeroes – it can be an image, message, comment, so that we can build solidarity with each other and the rest of the world in this fight.

Video also available at:  https://youtu.be/mJ2tJZxKDfs