Family Support Resources online

In this section there are a number of different resources that can be used by parents and children to help them cope with and understand what is happening in our community as a result of the Covid 19 crisis.

Over the next number of weeks we hope to expand our catalogue to include resources that can be used by parents to help children to gain a better understanding of life at the moment.

Scroll down for resources, ideas, videos, etc on:

Explaining Coronavirus, Activities & Play, Mindfulness, & Understanding and Managing Anxiety

Wally & Turtle

Meet Wally & Turtle as they talk about different things affecting children & young people during the pandemic

In this first video Wally talks about his feelings and how he is coping with the coronavirus and what he is doing to make things a easier for himself and his family…a must watch…..

Meet Tiny Turtle

Tiny turtle gives advice to children on how to calm down in this uncertain time.

Here Wally is giving advice on managing feelings.

In Wally’s third appearance, he is joined by Julie, as they talk about worries and what you can do to help yourself when you are feeling worried and anxious.

Some very good short stories that are free online:

Dave the Dog

Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus. A Nurse Dotty Book
Written & illustrated by Molly Watts

The Scared Gang

The Scared Gang Have to Stay at Home written by Eadaoin Bhreathnach & illustrated by Sighle Bhreathnach-Cashell

Activities & Play

Making Stress Balls

There is tried and tested science behind the benefits of using stress balls. Aside from the obvious fun in making them they provide children with a mechanism to calm down and regulate themselves.

Making Slime with Denise

In this video we demonstrate how to make slime at home.

Scavenger Hunts – for all the family, and ideal during a lockdown


Managing Uncertainty

A short five minute video to help understand and manage uncertainty.

Creating connections

A short mindfulness video to help you manage uncertainty

Belly Breathing for Children

A short video to help belly breathing for children

Understanding & Managing Anxiety

Session 1 – What is Anxiety?

What is anxiety and how do we manage it?

Session 2 – Upstairs Downstairs

This session focuses on creating an understanding of how the brain works. Having a better understanding of the brain enables us to begin to understand and learn about how children perceive and deal with risk and how we might respond.

Session 3 – Be Still My Racing Heart

The focus of this session is on helping parents identify the physical signs of anxiety as well as offering advice and techniques to help you help your child reduce their feelings of anxiety.

Session 4 – I think therefore I am

Part 1 of this video outlines some of the thinking patterns (Assuming, Black & White and Filtering) that can affect a child’s (and adults )anxiety. As adults we need to be aware of how these processes work and how we, as adults, can help the child develop new ways of coping especially in these uncertain times.

Part 2 of this video outlines some of the thinking pattern that can affect a children’s(and adults) anxiety levels. The video demonstrates how adults can help children overcome anxious thoughts by suggesting techniques that help them change their thought processes .

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

A tool developed by www.wellnesssoicety.org to help you build resilience during difficult times