European Youth Work

This is a very exciting opportunity for young people, from Co. Kerry, all parts of Ireland and Europe! Not only are we the only organisation in Ireland that is a member of the Council of Europe’s quality label network for youth centres, but we are in the process of applying for our Erasmus+ accreditation (youth) and ESC quality label, for lead organisations. This recognition will spring-board the opportunities we can provide for all young people, to a completely new level.

Non-formal learning and human rights education:

All of the youth work carried out by KDYS staff and volunteers is steeped in human rights-based ideologies and delivered through non-formal education methodologies. Over the next few months, we will be developing specific programmes which can be availed of by any young person that use our services.

Training opportunities:

KDYS already provide a high standard of training to its staff, volunteers and young people. Using our vast in-house based expertise and local, regional, National and International networks, we are planning to deliver training to colleagues, volunteers and young people on a range of topics relevant to youth and family support work. This will commence during 2025.


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