European Solidarity Corps

 The ESC is an EU funded programme. Once you are accepted onto an ESC project, all your expenses (rent, food, transport, insurance, visa procedures, language classes) are covered by the project, and you even get a bit of pocket money to enjoy your experience fully! Your travel costs are also covered although there may be a minimal contribution towards travel required.

  1. Register with the European Solidarity Corps
  2. Create a profile – take some time to fill in the personal information on your profile, and to attach an updated CV. Take good care of it, it is your way of being interesting for the receiving organizations! We can always help you with this!
  3. Search the ESC database – all of the ESC vacancies/ opportunities are listed there.
  4. Find a Sending Organisation here in Ireland – your Youth Information Centre (us!) can help you with this.
  5. Contact the Overseas Organisation (host) – Your sending organisation will help you with this!
  6. Send your CV and a motivational letter (about half a page) describing why you want to do ESC with this organisation.  Remember, ESC is not about the qualifications you have or how much work experience you have. Projects are looking for volunteers who are motivated, willing and enthusiastic, who will make a good fit with their organisation.
  7. Plan & prepare: It can take from 2 – 6 months in total to plan an ESC project. Your sending organisation is there to explain everything to you and support you throughout the process. Your sending organisation will carry out some pre-departure training with you. The content will depend on you!  
  8. Projects can range from 2 – 12months. However, it’s also worth noting that under special circumstances an EVS duration can be less than 2 months.

So Get Started Early & Get Focused!!!!