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Teachers and schools across the country are continuously working on developing online educational programmes and activities for their students. By now you may be tech savvy when it comes to using Google Classroom, Zoom and other online learning tools. However there are so many links and recommendations floating around the net, so we have put together a list of online resources to help you get through this extraordinary period. We will update this list of resources, as more become known.

There are plenty of education websites out there. We are here to help parents and students to find the best method for you to learn from home. Here are links to some of the better know sites for you. If you know of other sites please let us know so we can add them to this growing list!

Individual Subjects



Spanish: Susan Leahy (

Politics and



Revision sites for Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate students:

The Department of Education has stated that it is working with the State Examinations Commission to develop a course of action for the Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations 2020. Here are some great website on how to revise and be exam-ready whenever that may be!

Online Museums & Galleries

The following are links to museums around the world that are offering free virtual tours:

Two articles from the guardian listing the best galleries to visit online :

Link is J Paul Getty Los Angeles

The Vatican in Rome

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