KDYS prevention of drugs and alcohol misuse

Throughout every aspect of the KDYS’s work we take time to highlight to young people, parents and volunteers the dangers of drug and alcohol misuse. We run programmes in Kerry school and in our youth centres geared towards educating young people on the dangers, ill effects and consequences of drug and alcohol misuse.

KDYS Drug and Alcohol projects
The KDYS in partnership with the Southern regional drugs task force run 2 drug and alcohol misuse projects one in Killarney and One in Listowel.
The projects offer the following supports in a community based approach;.
One to One Confidential Support – for individuals at risk of addiction, in addiction or in recovery from addiction
Assessment Service – referring individuals on to relevant treatment services where appropriate
Family Support – For family members, carers and friends of alcohol or drug misuses in a group or one to one setting.
Outreach – Meeting people in their community area where possible
Personal Development – On an individual basis or group setting.
Drug & Alcohol Awareness Raising – Providing information around drugs and alcohol misuse, and support services available in the region
For more information or to make contact with a KDYS youth worker please call our youth centre in Killarney on 064 6631748 or in Listowel on 06823744.

For those outside of Listowel, north Kerry or Killarney please call any of our youth centres to speaks to a youth worker who can refer you to the best suited service in your area.

As well as talking to a KDYS youth worker you can find advice and information on line at

Cork drugs
Cork Drugs give an over view of various types of addictive substances and their risks.

Spun Out
Spun-out offer free non judgmental advice to young people around a host of issue they may be experiencing including those around drugs and alcohol. offers advice for parents and carers of those affected by drug and alcohol misuse as well as offering advice to those suffering from addiction issues.

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